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Selling on the web

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Got something to sell? Do you have a "brick and morter" store and are looking to expand your business reach? Are only interested in on-line sales, without the hassel of maintaining inventory? JDB Technology Solutions, LLC has been providing e-commerce solutions since our inception in 2003. An e-commerce solution is more than just a shopping cart and we have the experience to provide you with a full on-line ecommerce solution.

E-commerce websites allow your business:

  • To sell to a larger geographic region
  • To encourage repeat customers for increased sales
  • To reach customers that might never find you otherwise
  • To sell your products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • To keep loyal customers that have left your geographic area

E-commerce websites are our speciality. More than just a shopping cart, an e-commerce website:

  • Allows you to create, update, and move products and categories
  • Manages inventory, on-line and in-store
  • Tracks customers on the site
  • Provides reports on products sold and viewed, customers, purchases, sales taxes, and inventory


More than just code

A lot goes into a successful e-commerce web site. We feature open source software solutions - customized to your individual needs. We base many of our e-commerce websites on the popular osCommerce open source solution. This source is coded in PHP and uses the safe and secure MySQL database. Our e-commerce sites are secured by the 128-bit encryption of SSL certificates to ensure the safety of customer data. Finally, our servers run either Red Hat or Fedora Linux systems to ensure reliability and scalability. E-commerce web sites must:

  • Provide a stable, usable database in a secure environment
  • Maintain a customer level of security through the use of SSL and encryption technology
  • Have dependable servers and server software
  • Be scalable to grow with your enterprise

Finally, we are experts at getting your ecommerce found through search engine optimization and pay marketing.

OS Commerce  MySQL  Powered by Fedora  Powered by RedHat Linux  PHP 


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Did You Know...


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizing and is the process of getting a website found in the search engines. Many elements are a part of optimizing. Some optimizing ideas include: hidden meta-tags on the page, keywords contained in your page text, the title of your pages, inbound links to your pages, and sitemaps.